Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Plant

KEDA SUREMAKER supplies customers with complete AAC plants according their specific demands. Customized service including but not limit to:

Production process and formula design, Equipment R&D and manufacturing, Plant engineering, Training, Operation management consulting, etc.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Plant
  • How to build an AAC plant?
    How to build an AAC plant?
  • Market Research Project Feasibility StudyEnvironmental Marketing Evaluation Investment Scope Overview
  • Raw Material Investigation Raw Material Analysis Formula Customization Utilization of Solid Wastes
  • Customized Design Capacity Design Equipment Scope Design
  • Equipment Manufacturing & Commissioning Equipment Manufacturing Ex-factory Commissioning
  • AAC Plant Construction AAC Plant Engineering Project Installation Supervision Project Commissioning
  • Service & Support Personnel Training Market Development Accessories Database Production Management Support

Anhui KEDA Industrial Co., Ltd. (KEDA SUREMAKER) is committed to becoming a premier global provider of holistic AAC plant solutions. With innovative and smart technology, we develop eco-friendly solutions and reduce our carbon footprint to preserve nature. In both Chinese market and the overseas AAC market, KEDA SUREMAKER has demonstrated its strong momentum. Nowadays, the AAC plants powered by KEDA SUREMAKER have been distributed to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, South America.

KEDA SUREMAKER always takes technological innovation as the core driving force. 30% of the employees are engaged in technology research and development. With our own professional technical research institutions and post doctoral research stations, we cooperate with Tongji University for further research and has undertaken the 13th five-year national project. The company equipped with:

KEDA SUREMAKER is always committed to improving considerate service of autoclaved aerated concrete plant solution, through advanced technical innovation and customized design for the win-win cooperation with our clients from all over the world.

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  • A new AAC plant in Turkey A new AAC plant in Turkey

    As a leading AAC plant solution supplier in China, Keda Suremaker stands for holistic solutions when it comes to raw material analysis, plant planning, R&D, manufacturing, construction guidance, production management, training, and marketing.

  • New trends in the AAC market in China New trends in the AAC market in China

    Looking back on the development of the AAC industry in China, it can be concluded that the vigorous development of the industry today is the result of the joint enorts of countless people in the industry.

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